The Accent Labs Voice & Speech e-Learning Programme

A web based English Accent Modification Training Course

Why English accent modification


Who can benefit from accent modification training

English has becomes the international language of business and most interactions in the workplace and classroom occur in English. That’s why speaking clear, intelligible English is vital to your career. Read more…   Anyone who was not brought up with English as their home language will benefit by improving their English accent, and especially students, call centre agents and anyone starting off in the workplace. Read more…

An introduction to the Accent Labs course


How you can access the Accent Labs Course

The e-learning programme assists individuals to modify their speech so that their English pronunciation is more understandable by lifelong English speakers, whilst retaining their own culture… Read more…   The course has been designed for individuals, companies and tertiary academic institutions. Access to the programme is by the single or bulk purchase of a license per learner. The rates are… Read more…

News and resources


About Accent Labs & how to contact us

The Accent Labs course is now an integral part of Harambee’s contact centre agent training programme, and more than 1,500 learners have already completed the course in the last 15 months. Read more…   The course has been developed by speech and language pathologists in partnership with contact centre and leadership training developers. If you would like a demonstration please contact us… Read more…